Sunday, 7 September 2008

Stand Up To Irrelevence!

I'm still upset that my baby only got 13 words (look at her, she's THAT CHICK). But HEY! That's 12 more than Ciara.

However, there are more important issues at hand here (get it together). Can somebody PU-LEESE tell me who that is? The face just does not trigger a memory in my brain. Not a siiiiiingle one. I did ask Keyshia who it was but she said she didn't know and that's why she was giving the "And Who The Fuck Is You?" side-eye.

Call Columbo cause I just don't know...

And send this to Fresh. She is the is the Side-Eye queen!

I also have some swagger jacking to report...


I aint even gonna say NUTHIN! Just know that I keep a razor blade under my wrist watch at ALL times...

On a serious note... Make sure you cop that charity single. U dont have to listen to it. Just buy it. At least once. If you can cop Sol-Devil and the Singing Ability Hallucinations then Lawd knows you can buy this. With Mariahs dog whistling and all.