Saturday, 18 October 2008

If You Like It Then You Shoulda Put Deez Balls, Deez Nutz On It

I've been away for a minute but I'm back now chill, homie! It was recently my baby Keyshia's birthday and we went to Mr. Chow...

Mr. Chow...

Mr. Chow...


I got some KFC coupons just sittin' on my coffee table waitin' to be used. But it's whatever cos it was my babys day. Who am I to argue?

For the starter I got some Crispy Noodle Prawns. It was nice but while I was eating it I couldn't help but think that I was eating Tina Knowles' face; large, crispy and yellow.

For my main I had Golden Chicken (I loves me some chicken. One time Neffie tried to steal a wing out of my bucket and I almost finished her but I did a T.I. and remembered that I was on probation. I loves me some chicken!) I think the whole Mr. Chow experience is about guessing what celebrity your food is supposed to reminiscent of. Keyshia said my golden chicken was Lil' Kim (disrespectful! I taught you better than that!) But I think it was Jermaine Jackson.

I didn't have no damn dessert! I'm trying to slim down so I can find me a man. If there are any offers drop dem in da comment box (I cant hold da soffisticayted typin for dat long I'm sorry).