Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Frankie C. up In This Hoe!

What?! Y'all didn't think Mama Cole could use a computer?! Well you wrong, baby!? YEA THAT'S RIGHT. Frankie C's alter-ego is here and Imma bout to make shit jump so y'all might aswell get used to deez ballz deez nutz.

And I've asked some of my friends' (<----you didn't think Frankie had friends could punctuate didya?) alter-egos from Hollywooooooooood (HOLLAAAAAA!!!!) to come visit me from time to time so stay tuned cos there's gonna some shit going down. It's gonna be off the chain super, super-fly like real BIG. So stay tuned.

Signed Sincerely,

Mama Cole

P.S. Dis' Fake Janice Combs heffa been chattin' shit about me on her blog all calling me a Mushmouth. BISH YOU AINT GOT SHIT ON FRANKIE C!!!! YO HAIR IS SHIT!!! YO SON'S CAREER IS SHIT!!! AND YOU CAN'T DROP IT HOTTER THAN THE SUN LIKE I CAN!!!

I'm only gon' tell you dis once heffa!!! Stop chattin shit bout me!!! I got family baby!!! All I gotta do click my fingers and Neffie comes stilleto-in-hand and ready to kill yo' ass.

You need to rethink who YOU call MUSHMOUTH, MUSHMOUTH!!!!

I thought we could be friends but after this naaaaaaw!!! I don't need you, trick!!!!!

Keep tawkin trash Janice...

Let me stop 'fo I cancel dis' bitch...