Thursday, 14 August 2008

Frankies Blog's Got Talent

As some of y'all may have re-ul-eyesed, this blog is called Fake Frankie And Friends so today I thought to do something about the absence of friends that are guest-blogging on this here web site.

I asked Keyshia.

Me: Keyshia baby, I want you to guest-blog on my site.
Keyshia: Momma no.
Me: Don't tell me no, Keyshia!
Keyshia: I got other responsibi-
Me: Girl, please!! What responsibilities you got? You still chasin' after that Young Jeezy? Don't never bring that man to my house!! I don't want his weed lips drankin from the same cups that I do!! Yaknow what Keyshia, it's whateva. Go do what you do wit' yo' boring ass.

I would have asked Neffie she was nowhere to be found

So I had to think. Who has no responsibilities? Who is willing to work for peanuts? Who is unemployed and desparately seeking acceptance?

Then it hit me like Jay-Z's camel hoof.

Ladies, gentlemen and Lil Mama say hello to my first guest blogger!!

Expect a post from my new guest-blogger within the next week next two years (you know how the Knowles Klan likes to mess with release dates and ish. My Keyshia would never take that shit even if it was from that sexy piece o' chocolate covered strawberry that is Matthew).